Monday 08/29/11

Ladies on the Links

Monday, August 29th  



Straightest Drive #1  - Linda Hutchinson (4 feet from rope !)   =  5 points


Closest to Pin #2 = 5 Points

A  Cheryl Nadell

B  Tina Smith

C  Claudia Tolmie

D  Chris Prince (21 feet)


Longest Drive #4   =   5 Points

A  Cheryl Nadell

B  Tina Smith

C  Kathy Kemp

D  Sharon Faltemier


Closest to Pin #6 = 5 Points

A  Jenny Drew

B  Janine Richardson (25 feet )

C  Gail McElroy

D  Sharon Faltemier (9 feet)


Closest to Pin #8 = 5 Points

A  Cheryl Nadell

B  Karen Campbell

C  Mary Dennis (13 feet)

D  Kathy Marie Haws


Team Scores


First Place – 5 points each

C Nadell          G McElroy       B Walsh                                                                                   32


Second Place – 4 points

J Drew             K Hoenes         K Haws           B Eidmann                                                        33


Third Place – 3 Points

S Faltemier       M Dennis         L Rudin                                                                                    34


All Participants Receive – 3 Points for participating


Annette Smith               K Flanagan       L Hutchinson                J Earl                                        35

M Beckwith                 L Cichirico                   K Campbell                                                      36

C Gregory                    J Richardson                 J Santelli                                                           36

Tina Smith                    Allie Smith                    Chris Prince                                                      37

K Kemp                       J St John                      C Tolmie                                                          37

A Hamilton                   N Miskinnis                  C McCarthy                 P Miskinnis                   38